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California Workplace Retaliation

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Unfortunately, employer retaliation is still more common than one would expect in today’s workplace.

Employees that oppose unlawful conduct often fall victim to retaliation by an employer who fires them or takes other retaliatory actions like demotion or harassment. Fortunately, for California workers, California labor law affords protections by strictly prohibiting an employer from retaliating against any employee who engages in protected activity under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Protected Activities Include:

Protesting, complaining about, resisting or otherwise “opposing” discrimination or harassment on the basis of:
-National origin
Retaliation by a California employer is prohibited whether the employee is opposing harassment or discrimination directed against them or against another employee.

This protection from retaliation is the same whether the original discrimination or harassment complaint is ultimately deemed to be valid or not valid. A California employer may not take any adverse employment action against an employee that complains about or otherwise opposes discrimination or harassment as long as the employee had a reasonable belief that what he/she was complaining about was unlawful discrimination or harassment.Hands with scissors cutting money

As an employee in the State of California, you have the right to speak to representatives of the office of the California Labor Commissioner or any other government or law enforcement agency about any issues affecting your working conditions. Your employer cannot fire, demote, suspend or discipline you for answering any questions or providing any information to a government agency.

If you believe you have been the victim of employer retaliation in the workplace, our attorneys are available to review your potential claim for free. WE are vigilant advocates of California employee rights and are skilled in evaluating potential California labor law claims, including employer retaliation cases. You may be entitled to an award of damages if your employer has retaliated against you for engaging in FEHA protected activities. Contact us to review your potential employment or labor law claim today.

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* In California you are entitled to overtime when you work more than 8 hours a day, the FLSA under Federal law mandates OT pay over 40 hrs worked in a week.


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