Sexual Harassment in the News

Notable Sexual Harassment Cases You May Remember


Jenson vs. Eveleth Taconite Co., Americas 1st class action sexual harassment case: The film, “North Country” depicted this hideous 1975  case proving numbers really do matter. Jenson was among the first women hired by Eveleth Iron Mine in Northern Minnesota, she and other female co-workers suffered horrific indignities and even stalking.

Though fear of even worse abuse kept the women quiet for years Jenson finally put her foot down and filed her complaint against the company in 1984. Though it still took her ten years to get an attorney who would file the case. In 1998, Eveleth Taconite Co. settled with Jenson and the other women for $3.5 million.

Clarence Thomas vs. Anita Hill
As one of the first to be televised the Thomas hearings in 1991 stunned the nation. Law professor, Anita hill spoke out claiming harassment at the hand of would be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas.

Many feel Hills willingness to speak out against such a public figure gave many women the courage to file there own claims.

Navy Tailhook “Gauntlet”
Not far behind the Thomas fiasco Paula Puopolo’s filed her case naming the US Navy. Puopolo attended the  Tailhook convention in Las Vegas and was basically blamed for being forced down a long hallway lined by 200 plus drunken Aviators groping and fondling her until she reached the end and was thrown to the ground.

Dick Cheney blamed her for the mess claiming “Because of you I have to fire the Secretary of the Navy.” Rear Admiral, Jack Snyder was forced out for neglect of proper conduct and criminal sexual harassment.

Despite being told it would be “handled”, no one did a thing until Puopolo finally went public and forced the government to examine the case.

Rep. Senator Bob Packwood
The case so large the NOW website (The National Organization for Women) created an entire section for Senator Packwood’s harassment of dozens of campaign workers. Packwood was finally forced to resign in 1995.

At a news conference, the then Chair of the Ethics Committee stated, “No work-place in America ought to tolerate the kind of offensive, degrading sexual misconduct that the Ethics Committee finds Senator Packwood to be guilty of. And it certainly cannot be tolerated in the United States Senate either.”

There are new laws this year that further the scope of harassment cases at work

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