Domestic Violence Leave Law in California

There is a new domestic violence leave law in California. From research, it was reported that more than 40% of people who encountered domestic violence feared being fired or were fired if they were absent from their workplaces due to the violence.

As a way of allowing the residents of the state access the necessary services, the state enacted laws which govern the way employers should treat employers in case of absence from work due to domestic violence. The law requires employees to inform their employees about their freedom to seek protected leave from work if they have been affected by domestic violence.

Some of the domestic violence cases covered under the law include sexual assault among other forms of domestic violence.

Some of the issues where the employers are allowed to take the leave if they have been affected by domestic violence include the following reasons:


Medical attention due to injuries

It is possible for a partner or any person involved in an abusive relationship to get hurt. Before the law was enacted, many people were unable to access medical attention due to fear of being fired by their employers. Other even proceeded to take the leave and they were fired. As a way of trying to protect the rights of employees, the law was enacted.


Seeking services of a domestic violence shelter

There are several domestic violence shelters in California. For you to access time which you can attend the shelters, the law has made it possible for you to access a leave from work and attend the shelters where you can be offered the necessary help you deserve after an abusive relationship. The centers have programs aimed at helping rape cases, domestic violence among other cases which can affect the life of people who have been sexually abused.


Obtaining psychological counseling

It is possible for you to be disturbed psychologically. If you have been affected, then it is necessary for you to seek the services of the center. But, the workplace restrictions can prevent you from accessing the necessary help. Things have been made easy due to the introduction of the law where the employer can offer you a protected leave.


Safety planning protected leave

You may decide to take safety planning measures. For example, you can decide to move out of the abuse home or even look for other forms of help so that you can be protected. You can take protected leave from your place of work to access the safety you deserve.