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Learning More About COBRA

When you lose your job, it seems like a bunch of stress can build up from there. Not only do you have to apply and interview for more employment, but you no longer have a source of income that can help you pay for the various needs of your family. This can be especially dangerous

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labor unions

What You Need To Know About Labor Unions

Labor unions are basically groups of people who work in a related field. The main reason why labor unions are formed is to make sure that employees are able to negotiate with their employers for better terms of service. They may do so in order to work in a safe environment and get attractive pay among

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emergency leave

Understanding Emergency Leave Law

The federal family and medical leave act regulates emergency leave in California. There are set regulations by the federal law which requires employers to give employees unpaid leave so that they can attend to emergency medical needs.   The Federal FMLA Rights Employees who are eligible for the emergency leave can take up to 12

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paternity leave

Paternity Leave Laws in California

There is abundant evidence that fathers want to be more involved in the birth or adoption of children. However, most fathers in America lack the required paternity leave to be with their children, and when it is available, it is unpaid. It is for that reason that the federal government, as well as some states

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severance pay

All About Severance Pay In California

In the state of California, the employer is not required by law to provide severance pay for the employee. Upon termination of the contract, the employee is only entitled to all wages due by the time of termination. If an employee lacks an employment agreement the employer is expected to pay the employee dues within

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drug testing

California Drug Testing Laws

Have you ever been required to undergo drug testing before by your employer in California? The federal government has given its guidelines, and it’s a requirement for every employee to have the test done. However, the federal laws allow the employer to test for the drugs with limitations.   Sectors such as construction fields, aviation,

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The Basics of the Lawful Firing Process in California

Running any kind of business that includes more than one person holds the prospect of firing an employee. While this is something that does not occur on a regular basis for most organizations, experience shows that it will likely happen at one point or the other. In the state of California, the firing process is

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Lawful Hiring Process in California

Various government business laws in California exist to direct bosses through the hiring procedure. As a rule, these laws forbid demonstrations of segregation when settling on work choices. Bosses can’t settle on employing choices based on race, shading, religion, sexual orientation, age, birthplace or veteran status. These laws are viewed as changeless qualities and are

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fair pay act

Changes to the California’s Fair Pay Act

For a short time now, the state of California has had the Fair Pay Act which restricted the employers from remunerating its employees less than the personnel of contrasting sex for the same amount of workload. The governor of California, on October 6, 2015, signed into law the California Fair Pay Act which was aimed

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new laws

New Laws in California

There are a number of new laws that have been introduced into California law this year, including arbitration protection. Each year, new bills become new laws at set times throughout the year. Here are a few of the most notable for employees: California changes to Pay Act fair – When it produced results toward the

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* In California you are entitled to overtime when you work more than 8 hours a day, the FLSA under Federal law mandates OT pay over 40 hrs worked in a week.


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