Know the Companion Animal Laws in California

To every home or family having a companion animal can add fun. The animals do provide protection and bring about the sense of responsibility to their owners. A lot of families about three of every five families in California do have a pet or an animal companion. If you one of these families that we are talking about or you want to keep them then you must be really prepared for the same.

Normally, keeping of these animal companions comes with great responsibility, from choosing and selecting the right pet to keep through its lifetime. You will be required to feed them, train or even visit veterinary from time to time. However, the legal aspect of keeping these animal companions is key.

Here are some of the legal aspects to consider if you are from California:
Chapter 951
First, if you are looking for a pet or animal to keep you will have to adhere to all the laws and regulations that relate to animal keeping and caring. The major one is enclosed on Chapter 951 and it sets the minimum requirements and standards for animal care such as; their shelter, drinking, food, and prohibition of mistreating and harassment. These regulations apply to the third party caretakers, breeders, daycare facilities, pet stores and owners of the companion animals. It is a basic law that ensures basic care for the animals.
The other regulations are caped under chapter ATCP 16. This regulation requires that these entities must be licensed to ensure the satisfaction of the wellbeing of these companion animals. This law also provides for a requirement of having access to a certified veterinary who is supposed to provide vaccination and other medical related services to these animals. The law also provides that these companion animals are bought from a complaint party that deals with these companion animals.

You will also be required to understand the regulations within your municipality, community or city. You should also understand that some housing setting does not allow for pet or animal companion keeping areas such as multiple family homes and rentals do not allow for the keeping of these animals. This should be adhered to strictly as normally a state would not allow it completely. Make sure you understand this provisions before you start keeping an animal companion.

Keeping It Legal
The legal ability for the animals to interact with other animals is a requirement that you will need to understand. Habits such a dog barking incessantly, biting your neighbors or getting to your neighbor’s property may not be allowed in California. Always ensure that you understand the risks and the benefits of keeping these animal companions before you embark on the same.


As long as you are following these guidelines, then there is no reason for your workplace to bar you from bringing your companion animal with you for your daily tasks.