Child Labor Law in California

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What is Child Labor Law?

Child labor law is simply a statue meant to regulate employment of minors in the state of California. Basically, this kind of law is designed to prevent youths from work which interferes with their ability of attending school, or which is socially, physically, or morally harmful and dangerous.

Child labor laws in California dictate ages and times as well as kinds of work children may perform. For instance, the law does not allow children 13 years and below to work in California. However, children above 14 years are allowed to work but are often significantly limited in the number of hours per day they may work.


History of Minor’s Labor for Wages in California

As California and the United States in general industrialized, factory owners hired the youths to carry out different tasks. In California textile miles, minors were usually hired with their parents. Many families preferred their children working in factories instead of them going to school since it was an opportunity they could use to make enough cash for necessities.


Purpose of California Child Labor law

During the industrial revolution, employers found child labor more desirable than adult labor since they viewed minors as less expensive to hire, manageable as well as less likely to engage in worker’s strikes. The lack of education as well as horrendous working conditions that children working in factories faced during that time led to the need of eliminating or reforming child labor by some political movements.

In the 19th century, several laws were passed which were designated to protect minor laborers from poor working conditions. The political movements at that time were also of the opinion of the need of children attending school so that they could get educated before engaging themselves in the workforce.


Groups Covered By Child labor Laws in the State of California


Under the FLSA i.e. Fair Labor Standards Act, the following age brackets are relevant:


*Under 14:-


If a child is less than 14 years of age, he or she is not supposed to work in most non- farm jobs.


*Between 14 and 16 Years:-


If a child falls in this age bracket, he or she may work. However, the number of hours as well as the kinds of jobs he/ she may do is often regulated.


*Between 16 and 18 Years:-


The number of hours children in this age bracket may work is not usually limited. However, as a minor falling in this age bracket, you’ll still be restricted from working in dangerous/ hazardous working environments.


*Over 18:-


If you’re over 18 years of age, the child labor laws will no longer apply to you.


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