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Independent Contractor – Sell Your Service Online

There are many ways for an independent contractor to market themselves and their services – be it drywalling or custom landscaping. Traditional means include print ads, Yellow Pages, billboards and the like. However, today the way to go is a website that walks potential customers around your business and provides them with all sorts of interesting information. Being The Best

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compensatory time

The Basic Facts About Compensatory Time 

Compensatory time is a reasonable idea, where someone is given time off for having put in some extra time at work. Compensatory time is often not logged in official records. The employee may be given this time off as an extra vacation day, to cover for the extra time they gave at work.   This

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discrimination against felons

Discrimination Against Felons in California

The process of incarceration and the serving of time because of a criminal sentence has always been a hot-button issue, but discrimination against felons is a serious issue. In everyday life, the process of prisoners being released after completing their sentence is commonplace, meaning that the same individuals can, as free individuals, look for employment.

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hate violence

Hate Violence in the Workplace

The California Ralph Civil Rights Act protects the people from any threats or hate violence. How is hate violence defined and what can be done about it, though? Examples of hate violence include: – Arson – Threats, whether written or verbal – Bomb threats – Physical or attempted assault – Vandalism or damage to property – Cross-burning – Disturbance

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rest periods

FAQ about Rest Periods in California

There are several things you need to know about rest periods in California. The law requires you to be offered a 20-minute rest period between the four-hour working periods. The rest should be provided towards the middle of the four-hour shift. If the employer fails to offer you the rest, then you are entitled to

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reporting time pay

FAQ’s About Reporting Time Pay in California

What is involved in reporting time pay? This is the compensation that an employer is supposed to give an employee who reports to work hoping to work for a specified number of hours but does not work for those particular hours because the employer had not scheduled properly and did not give the employee adequate

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wage theft protection

FAQ’s About Wage Theft Protection

The Wage Theft Protection Act of 2011 has offered greater protection to workers and changed the way employer notify employees of their basic information. Even today, employees are frequently suing companies for failing to pay their overtime and the federal minimum wage or failing to give them off days as required by the federal law.

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FAQ’s About Holidays

The California law does not compel employers to pay their employees when they working during weekends or holidays. If the employer decides to close the business and give employees time off from work with pay, then such decisions should be made through a collective bargaining agreement (policy adopted by the employer or through terms and

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piece rate compensation

Piece Rate Compensation in California

In practice, the piece rate compensation for a particular completed task in an industrial setting is usually set by industrial engineers. This is an attempt to, through time-and-motion studies, determine how many pieces a standard employee working at a standard pace can produce in one hour. Standard Hourly Rate or Piece Rate? A standard hourly

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emergency time off

Emergency Time Off Laws in California

Besides the statutory leave days awarded by an employer to an employee, an employee is entitled to emergency time off to deal with sudden emergencies involving immediate dependents like spouses, children, or parents. The time allowed to deal with the emergency is not fixed because it largely depends on the situation at hand. An employer

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* In California you are entitled to overtime when you work more than 8 hours a day, the FLSA under Federal law mandates OT pay over 40 hrs worked in a week.


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