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minimum wage

The Effects Of Increasing The Minimum Wage In California

There are many ways of making money some of which have a set minimum wage. You will note that some people are normally employed while others are self-employed. If you are employed, you normally receive a salary at the end of the month. However, if you are self-employed, you normally depend on your business to

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social media

Use of Social Media in Workplaces

People use social media for different reasons. You can use it discuss your company in good or in bad faith. There is fear on what your employer can do if you are found using social media while at work. There are policies set up on how you can use social media while at work. Some workplaces

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child labor

Child Labor Laws You Need to Know

With the advancement of agriculture and textile manufacturing industries, dangerous child labor came into existence. Several effects came about because of Industrial Revolution like economic growth, population growth and the role of women was immensely redefined. A middle-class category of people arose with a working-class type rapidly developing.   You would, however, tend to think

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absent, tardy, or sick

How To Deal with Employees Who Are Not Coming to Work

Whether is a habitually absent, tardy, or sick employee, many companies have to deal with trouble employees. In these circumstances, it is important for employers in California to know how to respond to these situations. Is it possible to fire an employee who claims too much sick time?   Checking the Statues In dealing with

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construction accidents

The Essentials Facts on Construction Accidents Caused By Defective Equipment in California

Working in the construction industry is a very challenging and demanding job, and construction accidents can happen at any time. In this environment full of heavy machinery, dangerous structures, and many other potentially hazardous things, the employee is in a constant danger of bodily harm.   Regularly, the employers in the state of California are

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workers compensation

Things You Need to Know About Filling A Workers Compensation Claim

There are several mistakes which people make while filling for workers compensation. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, but an injury in the workplace happens on a regular basis where workers are exposed to injury, permanent disability among other forms of injury. In some cases, the injury can lead to loss of wages

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Employment Benefits for Same-Sex Couples in California

Based on U.S. v. Windsor Supreme Court decision, the doors were open for same-sex marriages across the United States. However, the respective states have set their own jurisdictions concerning such marriages. There has been a heated debate whether any person who identifies himself or herself as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) should be protected

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companion animal

Know the Companion Animal Laws in California

To every home or family having a companion animal can add fun. The animals do provide protection and bring about the sense of responsibility to their owners. A lot of families about three of every five families in California do have a pet or an animal companion. If you one of these families that we

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personnel files

Right to Inspect Personnel Files 

The law in California effective January 1, 2013, allows employees to access to personnel files and personal files in different companies where they have worked so that they can access their performance and grievances. There are several steps which the employers should undertake to comply with the law, they include: The employer should keep copies of the employee’s personal records

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independent contractor

Independent Contractor – Sell Your Service Online

There are many ways for an independent contractor to market themselves and their services – be it drywalling or custom landscaping. Traditional means include print ads, Yellow Pages, billboards and the like. However, today the way to go is a website that walks potential customers around your business and provides them with all sorts of interesting information. Being The Best

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