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California Drug Testing Laws

Have you ever been required to undergo drug testing before by your employer in California? The federal government has given its guidelines, and it’s a requirement for every employee to have the test done. However, the federal laws allow the employer to test for the drugs with limitations.   Sectors such as construction fields, aviation,

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The Basics of the Lawful Firing Process in California

Running any kind of business that includes more than one person holds the prospect of firing an employee. While this is something that does not occur on a regular basis for most organizations, experience shows that it will likely happen at one point or the other. In the state of California, the firing process is

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Lawful Hiring Process in California

Various government business laws in California exist to direct bosses through the hiring procedure. As a rule, these laws forbid demonstrations of segregation when settling on work choices. Bosses can’t settle on employing choices based on race, shading, religion, sexual orientation, age, birthplace or veteran status. These laws are viewed as changeless qualities and are

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fair pay act

Changes to the California’s Fair Pay Act

For a short time now, the state of California has had the Fair Pay Act which restricted the employers from remunerating its employees less than the personnel of contrasting sex for the same amount of workload. The governor of California, on October 6, 2015, signed into law the California Fair Pay Act which was aimed

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new laws

New Laws in California

There are a number of new laws that have been introduced into California law this year, including arbitration protection. Each year, new bills become new laws at set times throughout the year. Here are a few of the most notable for employees: California changes to Pay Act fair – When it produced results toward the

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California’s Smoking Restrictions

For two decades being the first time, California has changed its statewide smoking laws. A few work environments that were excluded from the past smoke working environment laws are never again absolved. The new anti-smoking laws additionally raised the base smoking age from 18 to 21 and compare e-cigarettes and vaporizers with conventional tobacco items.

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domestic violence

Domestic Violence Leave Law in California

There is a new domestic violence leave law in California. From research, it was reported that more than 40% of people who encountered domestic violence feared being fired or were fired if they were absent from their workplaces due to the violence. As a way of allowing the residents of the state access the necessary

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minimum wage

The Effects Of Increasing The Minimum Wage In California

There are many ways of making money some of which have a set minimum wage. You will note that some people are normally employed while others are self-employed. If you are employed, you normally receive a salary at the end of the month. However, if you are self-employed, you normally depend on your business to

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social media

Use of Social Media in Workplaces

People use social media for different reasons. You can use it discuss your company in good or in bad faith. There is fear on what your employer can do if you are found using social media while at work. There are policies set up on how you can use social media while at work. Some workplaces

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child labor

Child Labor Laws You Need to Know

With the advancement of agriculture and textile manufacturing industries, dangerous child labor came into existence. Several effects came about because of Industrial Revolution like economic growth, population growth and the role of women was immensely redefined. A middle-class category of people arose with a working-class type rapidly developing.   You would, however, tend to think

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