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paid sick leave

Are California Employees Entitled to Paid Sick Leave?

California is one of the only two states in the USA that require employers to give their employees paid sick leaves. The only other state with a similar law is Connecticut. Are all Employees Entitled to Paid Sick Leave in California? Unlike Connecticut, eligibility for paid sick leave in California has nothing to do with

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rescinded job offers

California Law on Rescinded Job Offers

Photo credit: BlueSkyImage / In order to restrain potential exposure to losses, if an employer decides an employment offer has to be withdrawn, the employer needs do so as soon as he can, preferably prior to the offer has been taken. Depending on when the job offer is annulled, an employer might be exposed to losses.

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email surveillance

California Email Surveillance in the Workplace

Photo credit: ImageFlow / In today’s digital world, it is very difficult for companies to operate without the use of emails. Emails allows easy communication, documents negotiations and decision making as well as in transmitting documents instantly. However, the truth is that anything good also has its negative side. Emails can also be used to make

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probationary period

What You Should Know About Probationary Period In California

Photo credit: sabthai / A probation period normally gives the employer a period of time to make sure that the person they appointed to fill the vacancy was the right choice. It is actually an opportunity to evaluate the new employee’s performance, commitment and general suitability for job. Despite thoroughly interviewing and checking references, it is

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layoff protection

California Layoff Protection – Key Facts

Photo credit: / Going through a layoff is an exceedingly stressful period. During this time, a person who is losing their job might end up bombarded with a huge series of events like severing of contracts, signing waivers, and other administrative processes, while at the same time, they also have to keep up with their

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employment lawyer

When Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

Photo credit: Lisa S. / At times, the workplace can be a confrontational place. Employers don’t always have their employee’s best interests in mind, and this could cause you to consider obtaining an employment lawyer. There are many situations that arise that could result in legal action. Perhaps your employer is considering legal action against you

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class action

Basics of Class Action Law Suits

Photo credit: Ollyy / Class action lawsuit refers to a lawsuit where few people sue on behalf of a larger group. The basis of class action lawsuit varies from one case to the other. Some of the common factors in the lawsuit include issues of disputes which are similar in the group. Another factor which can

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personnel files

California Law on Personnel Files

Photo credit: Tashatuvango / Over the past few years, the Californian legislature have amended laws that touches on employee right to inspect personal records. These amendments have given employees more power to access personnel file records. Since then, many employers have seen much of those requests and even lawsuits for production of personnel files. In this

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California Overtime Policy

Photo credit: sabthai / The recommended hours of work in California are 8 in a single day. This translates to 40 hours in one week. There a few exemptions where workers can work for 10 hours for four days. Thus, any number of hours worked after the 8 or 10 hours are considered overtime. California

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non-compete agreements

Non-compete Agreements in California

Photo credit: Gajus / Are you aware that non-compete agreements are not only void, but are also illegal for both independent contractors and employees in California? Non-compete agreements, or restraints on trade, can be classified into three broad categories: Absolute non-compete, whereby former employees can’t work elsewhere. Non solicitation of staff/ employees’ restriction. Non

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* In California you are entitled to overtime when you work more than 8 hours a day, the FLSA under Federal law mandates OT pay over 40 hrs worked in a week.


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