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piece rate compensation

Piece Rate Compensation in California

In practice, the piece rate compensation for a particular completed task in an industrial setting is usually set by industrial engineers. This is an attempt to, through time-and-motion studies, determine how many pieces a standard employee working at a standard pace can produce in one hour. Standard Hourly Rate or Piece Rate? A standard hourly

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emergency time off

Emergency Time Off Laws in California

Besides the statutory leave days awarded by an employer to an employee, an employee is entitled to emergency time off to deal with sudden emergencies involving immediate dependents like spouses, children, or parents. The time allowed to deal with the emergency is not fixed because it largely depends on the situation at hand. An employer

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sick leave

What You Need to Know About Sick Leave in California

California law requires companies to offer employees a minimum amount of sick leave. Officially, sick leave in California came into effect on July 1, 2015. There are several factors you should take into consideration as an employer so that you are sure to act within the law. The law requires employers to take record of

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age discrimination

Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination in the workplace is a problem that is becoming more common as the population of working baby boomers are aging. Sometimes it is hard to see signs of discrimination and ageism as it comes in many forms, but below are some common signs of age discrimination in the workplace: Inappropriate comments: This can

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off the clock

California Law on Working Off the Clock

Do you spend more time in your office? Do you stay till late more often to finish your projects? Do you think that you’re working off the clock is not appreciated by your employer? If off the clock work is going unpaid, then you need to take the required steps to get the money you

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injured at work

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work In California

What happens if you are injured at work in California? The first thing that you should do if you are injured at work is to inform your supervisor immediately. He or she will then report the incident to the relevant authorities and kick start your process of compensation. You will be required to fill out

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intoxication in the workplace

Intoxication in The Workplace

Intoxication in the workplace is a common and dangerous problem in many different industries. These dangers are especially pronounced in the transportation, manufacturing and construction industries because of the likelihood of an accident or injury due to an employee under the influence of alcohol.   Additionally, intoxication in the workplace causes significant economic losses every

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gender identity discrimination

Gender Identity Discrimination Vs. Sexual Orientation Discrimination

While gender identity discrimination is any discrimination based on the real or perceived gender of an individual, sexual orientation discrimination is a bit different. Sexual orientation describes a person’s enduring romantic, emotional, affectionate, and sexual attraction towards others.   It is distinguishable from one’s biological sex, gender identity, and social gender role. Sexual orientation exists

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Layoff Protection for California Employees

In case a California employer decides to conduct a massive layoff, cuts a considerable number of posts, downsizes, or otherwise closes an entire facility, employees have some important rights. However, the employees will not have the legal entitlement that guarantees the safety of their jobs and position, to be appointed to other designations with that

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at will employment

At WIll Employment in California

California’s Labor Code contains an assumption that representatives are utilized voluntarily or “at will”. This implies either the business or the representative may end employment whenever they deem fit, with or without cause or earlier notice. This is critical for businesses since “cause” is characterized under California law as “a reasonable and legit purpose or

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