I have always enjoyed ASSISTING PEOPLE and the feeling of satisfaction when they see the results of my work. Over the past 10 years, my practice has been focused on California employment law. My firm has handled in excess of 1500 employment cases, and I am proud to report that our clients have been awarded in excess of $250 million dollars



    Just some of our SUCCESSES $14,000,000 Voight v. Cisco Systems, Inc. $11,000,000 Gruender v.FirstAmericanTitle $9,900,000 Salsgiver v. Yahoo!, Inc. $5,800,000 Connell v. Sun Microsystems $5,300,000 Beauchamp v. Kaiser FDN $4,875,000 Port v. Southern California Permanente

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We are United Employees Law Group, a California labor law firm, with over 35 years experience. We help employees like you collect the money they have EARNED.

We can help you fight the good fight! Right now, we are litigating against some of the nation’s largest companies who have cheated their employees out of overtime pay and other back pay or benefits they should have earned under the California wage regulations. According to Bloomberg.com employment is still falling, which means you need to protect yourself even more.

If you have problems at work we can help!

Why should you call UELG with your labor law issues?


No one enjoys dealing with problems at work, but according to Fox News and other news sources, such problems are on the rise. So when enough is enough, and you can’t sit back and watch any longer, while your employer breaks the law. We can help. Here are the top four reasons you should choose UELG to represent you with your labor law issues.

  1. The KISS Approach. Keep It Super Simple: You contact us; we collect the basics and determine if you might have a case. Then you’ll speak with one of our very qualified attorneys for a free consultation. Finally, you send any documentation that will help us determine if you have a case. You will not wait around for a call. We will let you know as quickly as possible if your case is accepted. Very simple and quick!
  2. UELG is Responsive: You don’t want to sit around wondering if anyone is going to help you, and we know full well lawyers are notorious for ignoring emails and calls. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and intuitively to all your questions. If you feel in any way this has not been your experience, I want to hear from you directly. I am Walter Haines and your experience with my firm is VERY important to me.
  3. Experience Counts in Minutes and Dollars: You can’t beat real life experience, and we have over 35 years of practicing law. We know California Employment Law inside and out.
  1. Results Mean Money in Your Pocket: Most likely the whole reason you are looking for an employment attorney is because you believe your employer owes you compensation, right? So hire a firm who has been awarded over $250 million for their clients.

Numbers don’t lie. We help employees collect the money they are owed.

Sound good, so far? If we take your case, you pay nothing, unless we recover on your behalf. You have nothing to lose, so fill out the contact form or call us today to discuss your potential labor law or overtime claim.

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NOTE: California entitles you to daily overtime, unlike the Fair Labor Standards Act which is after 40 hours per week.


See if your company can legally require you to work an alternative workweek, CLICK HERE.

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